What is naijachurches.com.ng?
naijachurches.com.ng is a Nigerian church directory where church owners and church founders in Nigeria can list their various churches to make it easy for worshipers to search and find their desired churches in any state and locality in Nigeria.

What is the benefit of listing my church on naijachurches.com.ng?
Your church will get more popular as many people will continue seeing it on Naijachurches.com.ng.
You will get new members because people who find your church on Naijachurches.com.ng may be interested in your outlined church programs.
You will not lose old members when they relocate because they will find another branch of your church in their new place through Naijachurches.com.ng.
Your church will remain relevance since it is listed on a directory.
Foreigners who just moved into the country will be able to locate any of your church branches near them.
You will be able to display your Sunday, weekly and monthly programs for your church which will attract new members.

Why is the name of my church not listed in the church category?
We only list churches that have more than ten branches/parishes in the category.

My church already has more than ten branches/parishes and why is it not listed in the church category?
If your church has more than ten branches/parishes and is not listed in the church category, notify us.

My church is not yet popular; can I list it on naijachurches.com.ng?
Yes you can list it.

My church is not in Nigeria, can I list on Naijachurches.com.ng?
No, we only accept churches that are based and operated in Nigeria.

Can I edit my church details after it has been listed?
Yes. Just login into your account dashboard and Edit your church details.

How long will my church remain listed on naijachurches.com.ng?
Your church will remain listed for a period of one year and you have to renew your church listing after each year if you still want it to remain listed.

After my listed church has expired, what happens?
Your church will no longer be seen by visitors and worshipers using naijachurches.com.ng until you renew it again. To prevent your church from going off the website, you can renew before the exact expiring date.

How much does it cost me to list my church on naijachurches.com.ng?
1000 naira yearly.

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